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Funny pics - Russian roads. Madness!

These are typical roads of the Russian regions which are a little bit distant from Moscow.
There where the Moscow Metro is finished - it begins...

Russian dirty roads

Evidently the roadwork was yet in the Stone Age
Russian roads pictures

The ocean of vehicles has decided to stay here than to go farther.
Russian dirty roads

This family goes at the weekend in the country cottage
Russian roads pictures

Spa treatment
Russian roads pictures

ЕIf you have got stuck the nearest township can stay in a few hundred kilometers.
Russian roads pictures

Truck stuck in ice

In certain areas in winter at night the temperature can go down 60-70 below zero. In this case people leave their vehicles straight in the ice.

Russian dirty roads

Russian dirty roads

The tank didn't want too.
Dirty russian roads photo.

What did you say? Rally? It is for children!

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Its very interesting too

Russian winter pics compilation

Just a little snowy...

Sometimes on the street

What is happened there

Construction fails compilation 2

Only in Russia!

Cheburashka cartoon pics

The famous cartoon personage